Prepping For Your Session

Please bring your own water bottle, yoga mat, and a towel. Be sure to eat a light meal and hydrate prior to your session, avoiding meat, dairy, and caffeinated drinks. Contact me if you have any specific allergens.

COVID19 Safety Precautions:

Each session will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before your arrival with the practitioner wearing a mask at all times, I ask that you do not book a session if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms related to COVID19.

  • What are your most common thoughts?

  • Common Emotions?

  • How are you feeling physically?

  • How are you feeling emotionally? (State of mind, Feelings)

  • How are you feeling mentally? (Focused, Cluttered, etc.)

    What Day(s) is best for your session?

    What Please input 3 time frames that you're available for a session. Ex 11am, 2pm, 3-5pm

    Patient to practitioner disclaimer:

    All sessions are confidential and protected by the patient and practitioner relationship. All privacy will be respected to the patients highest degree.