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Reiki Healing:

An energy healing practice where universal energy is channeled through practitioner to patient.

The goal of Reiki healing is to assist the body in restoring energetic balance for the well-being and health of mind, body and spirit. Reiki is non-invasive, hands on healing work, that naturally dissolves the underlying blockages stored within the body’s energy system and auric field. As energetic toxins begin to clear from the seven chakra centers you will naturally find an increase in vitality along with a greater sense of clarity. Feel yourself become more energized as you reclaim your power and return to your center. As a complementary therapy, it relieves stress and supports the body’s self-healing ability.

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Reiki Treatment Options:

Divine Reiki
Divine Reiki Ritual
Divine Reiki Spell

Chakra Power and Balance

Crystal Reiki focuses on specific imbalances clients are eager to have addressed. Crystal balancing works by using the energies of various gemstones, rocks and mineral powers to activate energy in order to align the body’s energy fields and levels. Crystals are displayed on the body to activate the chakras energy. Together we will work to balance and align your inner most powers through chakra cleansing.

Magical Significance

Rutilated quartz– Contains a gaurdian angel who protects the owner from all harm. Manifestaion, Energy.

Rose quartz– fierce defender of the heart. Love, Compassion.

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