Metaphorical Hypnosis


You are welcome to bring blankets, pillows, eye pillows, and whatever else you need to feel supremely comfortable. Wear comfortable clothing and socks. All cell phones must be turned off or left in your car. There is a separate room where everyone’s personal belongings will be stored. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.


45 minute session

Metaphorical hypnosis combined with Reiki.

Reiki provides you with physical relaxation and energetic healing, Metaphorical hypnosis works using your own intuition and imagery. The imagery in these sessions are filled with timeless or ancient images that the subconscious mind is able to use in a positive and very powerful way for healing and guidance to move forward. Clients can easily connect to their deepest wisdom, peace and knowledge. This session is designed to provide life changing experiences by encouraging a positive outlook and spiritual connection.

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Session Length

45 minutes


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