Divine Yoga Fusion


Tailored sequences designed to help you meet your goals. Pleased to create space to provide relief from stress and overwhelming emotions. You will get the tools to boost your energy, improve your health and practice with confidence, so that you may return to your daily routine feeling grounded and focused.

*If you have any health issues or are pregnant , please consult your doctor before practicing.

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6 person maximum capacity

Divine Yoga Fusion to address your “Reiki for…”

Set series, shoulder and wrist friendly class without chaturangas. Improves strength, flexibility, and balance as well as builds mental and physical stamina. 1-Card Oracle spread to offer a glimpse of your story in motion, lead you to an appropriate action, or confirm what you know so that you are more in alignment with what you hope to accomplish.

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Ritual, Spell

45 Minute Class



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