Divine Reiki Treatments

Reiki is non-invasive, hands-on healing work, that naturally dissolves the underlying blockages stored within the body’s energy system and auric field. As energetic toxins begin to clear from the seven chakra centers you will naturally find an increase in vitality along with a greater sense of clarity. Feel yourself become more energized as you reclaim your power and return to your center. As a complementary therapy, it relieves stress and supports the body’s self-healing ability.

We offer Divine Reiki LIGHT and SHADOW treatments.

You can also choose Unsure/First Time Client if this is your first treatment with us and/or you are unsure of which option to choose. *Please note that you will only receive the $89/$150 discount offer if you are a first-time client. If you choose this option and you are NOT a first time client then you will be charged the full price once we decide which treatment best suits you.