From the time we are born until around 8 years of age, we are extremely suggestible and we take in everything as truth. We then begin to develop our programming that holds our habits and beliefs. Some are positive associations and some are negative. These known associations is what make up the subconscious mind, which is around 90% of our total mind power, leaving the conscious mind with only 10% of your mind power. My subliminal audio will bypass the analytical mind and open the door to the subconscious mind. The audio will work with 90% and you will work with 10%. Together we are co creators for your success. We will shift all negative associations to create new patterns and behaviors for your highest good.

The affirmations specifically designed for you, are playing underneath the music at 17 hz. Only audible to the subconscious mind. This way the conscious mind can not hear them and reject them.