“My greatest passion in life is helping others.”

I have experienced all kinds of pain – emotional, physical & spiritual -and I have depended mostly on western medicine to make it go away or at least alleviate it. However something was missing, I sensed there was something more to my health & wellness, something beyond what could be measured and analyzed in a laboratory. 

When I discovered Yoga, I saw that there is energy, there is emotion, there is a divine connection between all the facets of my being – my mind, my body and my spirit. I could sense it intuitively and I had known it all my life and now I finally embraced it. A doctor could treat my mind and my body but not my spirit and definitely not all three at once. That type of care is my responsibility. And that care I give myself, that love I give myself, in the total engagement of my being is what Divine Self Love® is all about.

With my purpose in place, I became a certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Healer, Culinary Nutritionist and Rain Drop Specialist. My goal with Divine Self Love® is to use my unique set of abilities to empower others to make self-love a practice in their everyday life.

My commitment to you includes filling every session with the utmost compassion, comfort, and care. We will work together to release what is not aligned with your highest good and what no longer serves you.

-Joyce Ivonne

about joyce ivonne

Patient to practitioner disclaimer: All sessions are confidential and protected by the patient and practitioner relationship. All privacy will be respected to the patients highest degree.