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The purpose of Divine Self Love is to boost the well-being of all individuals. I offer tools and techniques that stimulate the senses and purifies the mind, body, and spirit. Everyone has a limitless potential to improve. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, each day brings new opportunities for growth and healing.


Focus on love, money, health, or protection. Maintain holistic balance with regular Reiki treatments.

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Divine Self Love

Reiki and other mindful meditative processes offered here are all provided with your health, happiness, and potential as a top priority.

Once you are in balance you can start to let go of what is keeping you from your highest self. Such as, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, stress, etc.

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Certified Young Living Essential Oils Contributor, used throughout my Divine Aura Drop method and Divine Reiki.

When an essential oil penetrates into the central part of the brain, it stimulates the Lymbic System which catalogs all blocked emotions. It makes it possible to access forgotten memories that need to be dealt with, triggering an emotional release, and resulting in a deep healing.

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Young Living Essential Oils Distributor
Reiki Certification Member

Joyce Ivonne is an official Usui Reiki master with ICRT.